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Backup It Up
Episode Information
Season 4
Episode number 4
Airdate December 23, 2012
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Prod. code 404
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"Relative It Up" "Berry Blossom It Up"

"Backup It Up" is an upcoming fanon episode of Shake It Up. It is 4th episode of Season 4. It will air on December 23, 2012.


Rocky and CeCe are hosted in the special dance spectacular at Shake It Up, Chicago!. But after a last minute sickness comes up, the girls can not do a thing, so Ty and Deuce put on makeup and dress like the girls so they can fill in for them. Meanwhile, Since Ty and Deuce aren't available, Georgia sends Mrs. Locassio to baby-sit Flynn while she goes shopping with Jeremy, so Flynn takes the time to teach Mrs. Locassio to play a new game he got called "Zombie vs. Monsters 2".