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Bees It Up
Episode Information
Season 3
Episode number 8/9
Airdate December 28, 2012
Written by AdiXXX
Prod. code 308-309
Episode Chronology
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"Train It Up" "Auction It Up II"

Bees It Up is a special two parts fan-made episode of Shake It Up.

Plot Edit

Part 1:Fool It Up Edit

First day of Vacation. Gunther, Tinka, CeCe, Rocky & Deuce are going for a camp. There Gunther want a honey, so he and Tinka are looking for behive. They found it, so they precipitate it on the ground. Unfornately, bees were so dangerous and them run out.

Part 2:Rescue It Up Edit

The next day something bite Rocky in her backside. She had a big red dot. Hour later, she fainted. Camp's manager drive with her to the hospital.
Bees attacking people, so they hide up in their tents.
In hospital Rocky got the oinment.
Special team expelled the bees out the camp and kill them all. Everything edns good.

Sequel Edit

This episode will have a sequel, which will be titled Honey It Up.