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Compete It Up
Episode Information
Season 2
Episode number 1
Airdate September 7, 2012
Written by Aintgotname
Prod. code 201
Episode Chronology
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"121" "Convention It Up"

Compete It Up is a fan-made episode of Shake It Up.


Gary announces to the dancers that they will have to compete with Shake It Up New York for a special program. Rocky and CeCe are excited, but they won't be so happy when they will meet again Kat. Meanwhile, Ty and Tinka go out again.


Main CastEdit

  • Bella Thorne as CeCe Jones
  • Zendaya as Rocky Blue
  • Roshon Fegan as Ty Blue
  • Kenton Duty as Gunther Hessenheffer
  • Caroline Sunshine as Tinka Hessenheffer


  • R. Brandon Johnson as Gary Wilde

Guest starsEdit

  • Kerris Dorsey as Kat