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Go Go Go It Up
Còpia de 2012-06-20-gal1-01
Episode Information
Season 3
Episode number 21
Airdate September 6, 2012
Written by Aintgotname
Prod. code 321
Episode Chronology
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""Move It Up"" ""Almost Relax It Up""

Go Go Go It Up is a fan-made Shake It Up episode.


It's summer vacantion, and Rocky and CeCe decide to go karting, but somebody doesn't want them to dance at Shake It Up Chicago, so he/she trie to hurt them while karting. Meanwhile, Dina and Henry stay together at CeCe's home, wiating for Deuce and Flynn, and they don't know what to talk about.


Main CastEdit

  • Bella Thorne as CeCe Jones
  • Zendaya as Rocky Blue
  • Davis Cleveland as Flynn Jones
  • Adam Irigoyen as Deuce Martinez

Recurring castEdit

  • Ainsley Bailey as Dina Garcia
  • Buddy Handlesson as Henry Dillon

Guest starsEdit

  • Unknown as him/her


  • This is the season 3 finale.