Rocky Messed It Up Pic 2

Rocky Messed It Up!Edit

When Rocky and CeCe start dating twin brothers, Eon and Ethan, it goes chaos when Rocky accidently kisses Ethan (CeCe's Boyfriend) and CeCe finds out and starts getting mad at her. But when Rocky and CeCe was still arguing while Eon and Ethan were sitting on CeCe's couch. Then CeCe kissed Eon in front of Rocky's face. Then they keep fighting and then Ethan got mad at Eon for kissing CeCe. Then all 4 of them were fightning. Then finally, Rocky and CeCe found out that Eon and Ethan were leaving tomorrow back to North Dakota. Then before Eon and

Ethan were going to break up with Rocky and CeCe, Rocky and CeCe started a dance routine with other dancers and at the end of the dance, they both said, We're Threw Dating!

Meanwhile, Uncle Frank starts serving chicken wings at Krusty's. But bad for Deuce because he has to stand outside of Krusty's in a chicken suit and has to keep saying, "Bak! Bak! Eat Krusty's Chicken Wings" and his face is mad and embarassed. When he gets humilitated in fronted of Ty and Flynn, they take pictures and then later after Ty said Sorry and deleted the pictures, they forgave each other. But Flynn told them that he told Uncle Frank a new mascot and new idea to serve, the big embarassment happens. Deuce again showned up in a chicken suit and saying "Bak!Bak! Eat Krusty's New Chicken Wings." and then Ty is shown up in a Orange Tite Dress, Orange High Heels, Orange Lipstick, Makeup, and Accessories includding Orange Diamond earrings and repeatingly saying "Try the New Dressing with the Chicken Wings." Being twice as much humilitated. Flynn passing by and taking a picture then saying "Hi Chicken Deuce! Tyra!" Giggling and then looking at each other depressed.